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To remove varnish or not

(Bonnie Breeden) #1

I thought an oil painting was finished and sprayed it with a single coat of Krylon UV Archival gloss varnish. Now I see that I really would like to go back and revise my shadows. Do I need to remove the varnish? And if so, how do I remove it safely?

(Joseph Mahon) #2

Hi Bonnie,
Yes you would need to remove the varnish if you really need to do more work. I am not sure of the brand you use, but spirit varnishes are removed with mineral spirits ( Gamsol for Gamblin Gamvar) or turpentine, for example dammar or gloss varnish, depending on the brand of varnish. You can test by putting a small amount of varnish on on old work or surface. Let it dry and try removing it. Wipe on some solvent gentlywith a lint free cloth, wipe off with another clean lint free cloth. I hope this helps.

(Bonnie Breeden) #3

Thank you, Joseph. I was figuring that I did need to remove it. I’m still fairly new to painting. This is the first time I have encountered this situation. I appreciate your help. DPW is a wonderful resource to connect beginners with experienced artists! Your work is gorgeous!