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Tips/Advice on Selling Paintings

Would anyone care to share their advice on selling artwork? I’ve researched a bit and read a lot of articles about the topic, but I’d love to hear directly from other artists. Thank you!

Hello Megan
I struggle to know what general tips to offer as I have hardly been the most successful seller in the world.
DPW has worked best for me as a general site, although my sales dried up when i put my prices up. But as my husband says, selling is not hard if you are practically giving stuff away. So that’s one option I suppose - sell for very little. I am not recommending this, mind, as I found it quite bad for my confidence.
When I had a website, and was offering very specific things for people to buy (pet portraits) I sold quite a lot. As soon as I offered just “stuff I had painted” I sold nothing at all.
In the U.K. it seems to me people sell more if they paint local scenes and offer them for sale locally. If you don’t paint landscapes I guess that is not very helpful.
So, in a nutshell, I think sales come from targeting your work to specific audiences/subjects; plugging away at it and getting lucky (attracting collectors); offering commissions of subjects that people want paintings of. I did pets, I know someone who does cars and someone else who is big on tractors!! Prize-winning cows are good, too, I believe!

Just starting this thread off in the hope that someone will join in with better ideas as I could also do with the advice :blush: