Thoughts on blockchain technology

Hello everyone.
I’d like to open a discussion about blockchain tech and NFTs.
As artists, what is your experience with this kind of tech if any?
Those of you that have experience, what are you thoughts about it? What obstacles have you encountered trying out this tech?

Hi, Andy.
A downside of blockchain is the volume of carbon it creates. It is estimated that Bitcoin will generate over 78 megatons in 2022, more than many world nations.
There are platforms that mint on a sidechain which I understand makes less carbon, such as
NFTs that sell well are typically associated with famous people (Elon Musk), are internet memes, like “Charlie bit my finger” (, or come with some other perk, like being used inside a video game or gaining admittance to a private club (bored ape yacht club).
If you are paid with Crypto, you must report your ownership to the IRS (US). Figuring the tax sounds complicated, but there are calculators you can use.
Another benefit of is people can purchase with a credit card (no crypto or digital wallet is required).
NFT fans seems to congregate on Twitter rather than on FB or IG.

Totally agreed on the negative impact on our surroundings.
However if we look at the Elrond blockchain, we’ll see they are carbon negative ( ) which is pretty interesting!
As for taxes - Indeed you owe taxes on crypto activity, both in the US and EU.

Hi, Andy,

Here’s a news piece, which you might have seen, reporting that interest in NFTs has dried up –

Hi, Andy,
Did you end up trying Elrond Blockchain? Where did you promote your nfts? Did you have NFTs that were particularly successful? I’d love to hear of your experiences.

Hi Andy, I am constantly contacted on Instagram by people wishing to sell my art as NFTs. I was going to post something here asking if this is a common experience and if so, if anyone had shown interest and minted(?) their artworks. I suspect the people contacting me are mostly interested in taking a fee for digitising my art on their blockchain platforms rather than a genuine interest in selling it on my behalf. For that reason i have declined them all thus far. I wondered if anyone had had success selling NFTs? If was a digital artist I would mint my artworks, but I am not. It occurred to me that if I were to digitise an artwork and create an NFT from a physical painting, i would, like Damien Hirst, have to destroy the physical version otherwise two people would effectively own the artwork! Interested in your thoughts.

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The countless “collectors” asking for art as an NFT typically are scammers who make money by specifying you to mint it (and pay “gas” fees) on a particular site. I checked web site traffic for one of the sites they specified and it has only 12 unique visitors per year!

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Trisha, thank you so much for this update! I was just wondering why, all of a sudden, so many people want to buy my art as NFT. You figured it out.

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