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'The Traveling Chicken' project

Hi all,

I hope this is okay to post here.

For those that have not heard about it, ‘The Traveling Chicken’ (or TC) is a project begun in 2012 by Azra - an artist in the UK. Azra purchased this little yellow ceramic chicken decoration to paint as part of a still life. Having painted the chick, Azra contacted her artist friend Karla Uphoff in the USA and asked if she would be interested in painting the chick. Karla contacted Nan Johnson who painted the chick, who contacted… well you get the idea.
The little yellow chicken has traveled the world since then and has been painted by many artists. TC’s entire journey has been recorded as she has gone along in the Traveling chicken blog. If you take a look at the blog and the artists who have painted TC, you may recognize a few familiar names!
TC also has a facebook page!

Traveling Chicken Blog

Traveling Chicken Facebook Page

The blog is currently kindly maintained by artist Pandalana Williams. The waiting list to paint the chicken is getting a little short and Pandalana asked me if I knew of any artists who might be interested in painting TC. I passed on a couple of names I thought about from DP and I suggested to Pandalana that I could mention it here. She agreed!

The rules are simple:
The Rules
Simply contact Pandalana if you are interested in painting TC and she will add you to the waiting list.
Sign Up!


Best of luck. I look forward to seeing more of TC on her travels!

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I took part last year and it was fun! I encourage anyone else reading to try it…

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She and her friends are headed my way right now!! Then they will be off to France. This is a fun thing to do and I encourage others to try it.

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Yes I painted them once a while back and am on the wait list - about five people down at this point. It’s just a fun thing to do. My painting sold immediately to a woman in the UK who collects TC paintings!

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BTW, your painting was great and loved the blog posts!

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Thank you!

I think a few people are on their second go around hosting the chicken.
I absolutely loved taking part - it’s a great idea to get lots of artists involved in something just for the sheer fun of it! And great to see what people come up with. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to see that some artist have hosted twice! I had TC last year. It was like hosting a celebrity :wink: I didn’t think of putting myself on the list again, but now I will! Thanks!

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