Taxes! Do I pay other states' comptrollers?

I’m so confused about taxes! I’ve never been in retail before and I’m confused about paying the taxes. I know I’m collecting 8.25% and I will send that amount to the Texas comptroller… but if I sell to someone out of state do I have to pay their taxable amount to their state? That’s what I think I understand from the comptroller’s website, but that seems incredibly cumbersome. I’m never going to be able to paint at this rate! lol!

Does anyone have insight on this?

I am located in Pennsylvania and don’t have a physical presence in any other state. It’s my understanding that I collect from customers who reside in Pennsylvania only. I got this from my state tax site. If you do shows in other states, you should be able to get a temporary license to pay sales tax in that state. You’re right, there wouldn’t be much time to paint if we had to mail checks to 50 states. :slight_smile: I think it might be different for large companies that take in a substantial amount.

Thank you! I appreciate the response. It did seem silly but I didn’t want to be wrong and not pay taxes! Cheers!