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Suggestions for holding my board to easel?

(Ian Roach) #1

I have a pretty inexpensive metal easel. It works well for my needs as I can adjust it nice and high. However, I hate how the board/canvas sits on it. I’ve attached a picture below. As you can see, I have to contend with a pretty heavy lip over the front of the painting surface, which is proving to be a nuisance (same problem on the bottom edge too). Also, to get a board to sit securely, I have to tighten the clamp so tight that I put a slight warp in a cardboard canvas board.

I know there has to be a way to alter my setup with this easel. Any ideas?

PS - New to the forum. Just bought Carol’s book, excited to start painting daily. I was psyched about selling my work…after reading through the forum, I will readjust my expectations - haha! That isn’t the main goal anyway, I really just want to improve.

(Gary Westlake) #2

You might want to add a panel holder to your easel. I made mine out of half inch plywood with a slot down the middle to hold a clamp the thickness of my boards using a wing nut. The board sits on a ledge, also the thickness of the boards glued to the bottom. You could also use Carol Marine’s holder. As you probably realize, it is important to be able to run off the edges without obstructions.

With respect to daily painting, I am reminded of the old joke "How do you get to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice

(Ian Roach) #3

Thanks, Gary! Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be jerry-rigging something tomorrow night based off of that picture.

And love the painting - something about the lighting on that blue chair is making me very happy.

(Andrea Jeris) #4

I found in a pinch when I was Plein air painting I put a loop of duck tape on the back. Held it sturdy right where I wanted it.

(Maria Levandowski) #5

Just as purplehaze suggested, I use a loop of masking tape for my 6x6 panels and stretched canvas. I’ve done it that way for 21 paintings and it hasn’t failed me yet! It also allows me to paint to the the base of the painting easily.

(Mary Ellen Koser) #6

All good ideas and I too will be inventing something to solve the problem.