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Suggestions for downloads to read while traveling

My husband and I will be traveling soon for the first time in a very long while. I have already read all my current art magazines. Do any of you have suggestions for a good downloadable art read for the trip?

No art reads but I watch videos on YouTube and I have downloaded some art videos that I watch.

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I love watching videos, too! I did not think about downloading them. Thanks!

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You should download some of The Savvy Painter podcasts:

And some of the Artists Helping Artists podcasts:

(to download these you have to click on the little icon that looks like a cloud with an arrow).

There are many, many past episodes to choose from so Iā€™d be selective and choose a few that catch your eye. You may recognise some of the artists already.

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Thanks, Jacqueline. I look forward to exploring these!

Try AGAS art in the Apple App store. I think this one is only iPad iPhone iPod touch though unless it has been updated for other devices.

Fishing for elephants: Insights and exercises to inspire authentic creativity
by Larry Moore

twyla tharp the creative habit

Van Gogh: The LifeOct 18, 2011 | Kindle eBook
by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith