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Suggestion for even better 'Traffic Feedback'

Hi David!
This is just a follow up on our email conversation of a while ago, and I thought it may be of interest to hear what others think about the suggestion to show the Median value in addition to the Average value for clicks etc. The reason for this is that the Average shown may be highly influenced by the clicks that a select few rock star artists get. The Median will not be influenced by this.

So for example, let’s say DPW has only 5 artists, and they get the following clicks: Artist A - 0 clicks, B - 10 clicks, C - 15 clicks, D - 20 clicks, and Rock star world famous artist E gets 200 clicks. Well then the average for those 5 artists will be the average of (0,10,15,20,200) which is 49.

The median is the value at which 50% of clicks is above or below. So for the data set (0,10,15,20,200) the median is 15, which is in my opinion a BETTER indicator of how my art is doing compared to others.

For example, if I am a new artist and (compared to the above), I get 30 clicks, then if I compare my statistics to the average of 49, I may feel like a bit of a loser, whereas in fact there is only one artist (Rock star E) that is doing better than me!

Apologies for the non-art mathematics stuff, but I thought some others may find this interesting. David has indicated that he will consider doing this but I understand it just one of many things to do.

A huge congratulations and thank you to Carol, David and the team at DPW - you have build a lovely business with a real heart and family feeling. I took a chance to put my work on here with a strategy of keeping it on here for two years and see if anything sells, then use that feedback to plan my next step. Well, I was gobsmacked when my first paintings sold within about two months - only in my median wildest dream would that happen!

Thanks again!


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I get tons of clicks and views…the only click that matters to me is that one collector who will actually buy. Guess I’m looking at this as a non-math type.

If I had the median and the range of the number of clicks, I would be able to tell more about the responses. Box whisker plots would be awesome! However, in reality, the median would be sufficient for my observational needs.

I have to agree that the only click that really counts is the one that results in a purchase. better to spend more energy on enticing viewers…

I’m not really too worried about how many clicks I’m getting relative to anyone else. I’m more interested in which of my own paintings gets more clicks than other of my own paintings . That gives me an idea of the kind of thing I’m doing that appeals to people.

Though any way the site can be improved to make things more transparent, I would support of course.

Hi Rosemary - yes, box and whiskers would be great but it would be overwhelming. I understand that some people are only interested in “the click that becomes a sell”. However, I find the statistics feedback highly informative - it tells me what style of my paintings attract more views.

For example, I thought that my pastel paintings would get fewer views than my oils, but then one specific pastel got more views than most of my oils. I also learn whether a more abstract style attracts more views than a more realistic one, etc. All this is not to say I will end up “painting what sells”, but any bit of information to help me on my journey to being a better and more informed artist is useful! :smile:

Hi Jacqueline - yes I think you make a good point, the comparison relative to your own is probably what Rilke would say we should focus on :smile:

But for me, putting my work out to sell on the internet for the first time, comparing at views relative to others gives me an indication of where I stand in terms of my journey to grow as an artist. There is a certain “Wisdom of crowds”, and the relative interest that my work attracts is useful. But I agree completely it should not become an overwhelming quest or issue. Thanks for your response!

Oh yes! I forgot to add - I noted that the average views for all artists also goes up and down significantly. So if you are interested in comparing your own work only, you need to take into account that on a daily basis, the number of visits to DPW also varies. So you may think a certain painting is getting fewer views because it is a bit off, but in fact it got fewer views because people are busy watching elections instead.

I always wondered, do they take the average after 1 day of posting? I always thought it should take into account the amount of time it’s been up… or does it? I also never knew if they do an average of my own posts or of all the DPW artists… I actually never understood this whole average thing and now I’m more confused then ever hahaha!

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