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Strategy to get people to buy

Hi! I’m fairly new on DPW and I already have a great art collector buying my art, so I can’t complain about that. But, I wanted to run this past everyone to see if this is something that could be done on DPW.
I was browsing other art websites and I came upon a site that when you click on the picture, it takes you to the artist’s page and on the side where you find the description of the painting, there is, also, a generic picture of a lady sitting on a sofa and above her is the painting you are checking out, hanging on her wall right behind her. It somehow is sized so you can see how it would look on a wall. That gives people an idea how that size of a painting will look like on that particular size of a wall.
I’m thinking this might help a person to decide right then to go ahead and buy if they like how that painting looks on that picture. What do you think?

DPW now allows 2 photos so having a photo of your art in a home setting can be a good idea. I have taken pics of mine on a small easel on a table or on a wall shelf with a vase just recently. As long as it is clean, not cluttered. On larger pieces you might want to take a detail photo.

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Thanks Andrea, that’s a great idea too, but, what I’m referring to is a picture that the artist doesn’t take, it’s a picture that the website automatically puts in and it sizes it so the buyer can see how that size will look on a wall of that size. I believe the artist doesn’t have anything to do with it, because I’ve seen this same picture (a woman sitting on the sofa reading and the painting is on the wall behind her). One of the places I’ve seen this is on Art Finders website. I can’t remember where else I saw this type of sales tool.

ArtFinder had this but recently did away with it and now the artists have to do their own. They still strongly recommend it. Saatchi Art has it.