Still Life Lighting Fixtures - what is your favorite equipment?

There’s a ton of info on light bulbs, etc. but I’m looking for reliable lamps, tripod lamp holders - as in how do you mount the light bulbs in a sturdy and flexible way. Surprised how expensive a simple set up is, so quite interested in what you’ve learned. Thanks much!

I have a similar set up to what Carol Marine posted. I didn’t make it exactly the same, bcuz I have a carpenter husband. I can interchange the bulbs in the lamp. Her still life stage.

what kind of lamp (clip on?) do you use? do you have a lamp stand you’d recommend?

I use one of those clip on work lamps with a regular bulb. My husband built me a box out of black foam core and wooden edges to hold it together. I have a hole in the top; with a piece of foam core laying up there that I can cover up the hole more or less depending on how much light or where I want the light. I have a slit cut in the top back that I can drape fabric in to have in the back ground.

I just have a clip on lamp from Lowes. It’s the bulb that matters. Cool light, warm light…

I use an adjustable photographers lamp stand with a reflector attached and a regular LED bulb. I am hoping to eventually get one with barn doors so that I Can focus the light a bit better.

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Thanks all!

Gary - the lamp stand is what I’m looking for. Interesting - the photo stands were considerably less than the “art” ones – maybe it’s the light that is making the difference. I will research further, but think you’ve put me on the right track. ty

My set-up is funky and inexpensive but works for me: PVC pipe frame on my drawing board; a box to make a higher platform; background fabric drape; and a $6 Lowe’s clamp-on work lamp–sometimes clamped to the frame, sometimes to an inexpensive light stand. I use either a Reveal or a flourscent daylight bulb. For a cooler “daylight” effect, I often cover my lamp with square of blue filter I ordered several years ago from Qiang Huang. (I think it’s readily available online.) If I need to block light from above, I just lay a piece of cardboard across the top. I use my French easel as a table easel right next to my set-up. My drawing board is fairly high, so I can stand or sit.