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Stango acrylic paint paints

Stango is offering you a pallet of 18 Acrylic paint pens which includes all primary colours like: Yellow, White, Rose, Red, Orange, Light Green, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Agate Green, Black, Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Light Violent, Chocolate, Mint Green, Walnut, Burgundy.
These all colours are the essential requirement of any artwork.
Stango is also offering you 0.7MM fine and imported Tip. These colour pens are waterproof, non-toxic, highly pigmented and suitable for on any surfaces. The lid of the pens comes with a pen holder so you can also keep it in a pocket.
These are easy to dry, it contains 100% Water-based Ink we do not recommend this product under the age of 3. These are thoroughly water-resistant and UV resistant.
The body of the pen is made of PVC material which is very strong and drop resistant so no worries for the damage of the pen. These paint pens specially designed for kids, and we all know the kids are careless towards the things they used.
I bought acrylic paint pens from here
must visit and try.