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Software for Organizing Reference Photographs

I use a lot of photos for reference for my paintings. I have made some attempts to find the right software for sorting and organizing photos, but I would really appreciate any input from other artists. Has anyone found any software that works well for this?


Catherine Gillespie

I have just been using windows and my thousands of pics are all over the place and hard to find what i want, I was just copying them into other folders to try and organize them and ended up with so many duplicates,I just downloaded some free software to find all the duplicate files on my computer and I deleted over 3000 duplicated files, almost all photos, my computer breathed a huge sigh of relief I have just started organizing them in Adobe Bridge, it came with photoshop, I don’t know if you can get it on it’s own but the great thing about it is I can organize my pics in collections and one photo can be in several collections without having more than one copy of it on my computer. So far it seems to be good for me and easy to add lots of files to a collection in one go also renaming whole folders of files in one go. Like I said I just started to do this so I guess time will tell how well it will work for me but so far i’m happy with it.

I have tons too. I’d print off the ones I’d use and file them manually when I was finished. I’ve now started to use Evernote and so far I’m pretty happy with it. I can “tag” the photo for easy searches too.