Social Media Alternatives for Promoting Artwork

Hello fellow artists! Everyday there is more bad news about how Facebook/Instagram has violated their users’ privacy. I really want to delete my accounts on those two platforms but I don’t know of a good alternative to promote my paintings on. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Has anyone had any success with them?

Sue, recently (about a month ago) I started actively put stuff on Pinterest. I even created a new business account (my old one was cluttered with too much personal wishes :slight_smile: ). Although DPW is not only one site I am on (a few PODs and Etsy), but Google Analytic noticed that Pinterest is doing better than anything else.

Have not tried LinkedIn, and Twitter seems like doesn’t bring views for me on this site.

Thank you, Yulia. Have you had any sales from Pinterest yet?

Good question. I got more views but it didn’t lead to sales yet.

Besides, I slowed down on putting originals here, trying to revise my direction in my art (just that simple :slight_smile: )

But I got a few sales which obviously came from Pinterest on a site where I never ever get sales (Zazzle).

Would you recommend Zazzle?

Well, Zuzzle is POD site, print on demand. It’s not a social media.

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Instagram. Hardly any major artists are not actively promoting their art on IG.

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I absolutely agree, Terry!

Of course Instagram is a must, but I thought Sue asked about other social media beside FB/IG.

As I think more into it, I kind of signed up on FB knowing its going to share the info around. So, I let it. That was the point of putting art on it. same for IG.


Pinterest works well for me, but only if I post to group boards. Like facebook and instagram, they also have limited visibility and urge you to use paid promotion :roll_eyes:, but google search “likes” pinterest posts and thus people find my pins. However, you must be active and have lots of followers…

Hey Bhavna, I have been using a FB Community page to blog really. WIPs and things i like, art tips etc. Haven’t really pushed it for sales, BUT FB will limit your exposure until you pay. And then of you do pay, they start limited your exposure to everything else do yo I’ll spend more. I just wish through mutual artist friends we’d share more. I don’t know. Maybe i should paint something outrageous and hope for a following lol

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I have thought this/found this to be true about ALL of the other online places I sell on. EXCEPT DPW.
Amazon, ebay and etsy for starters.

Sunny, do you mean Etsy is limiting artist’s exposure too? I am on Etsy (both for art and photography) and sales getting worse and worse (wasn’t great to begin with :slight_smile: )
Well, print on demand sites are definitely promote people who sell, so it like a circle (forgot, there is an expression for this in English :thinking: )

Well, in my opinion, they seem to add a short burst for new seller then limit exposure to less popular items and sellers, so less known artists are at a disadvantage since there is a vast sea of items and sellers. And for ebay, they certainly did make my items come up less in search when they come out with updates to their searches. I had two different IDs. I suspect they give you more exposure at first then limit it to get you to pay for listing upgrades. I found the same to be true for Amazon though I cannot prove any of this. Just theories from my experiences.

Hi Sunny, Everything that you have experienced on the selling sites is true for me too. Recently, I’m not getting any sales on eBay where before I had brisk sales. I had been Etsy for years and only had one or two sales. I felt like I was being charged a service fee for the privilege of being on Etsy. Because so many eyes are on my work when I post on Facebook and Instagram, I sell frequently from those platforms. I guess because of the success there I am stuck with them. I figure at this point, my personal data has been sold many times over so why worry about it now.