Small pochade thumb box

hi, I have a Sienna Lg box I use for my plein air work. I’m looking on getting a small thumb box, 5 x 7 or 6 x 8. I can keep in my Jeep for painting also. I like buying new. Anyone have any suggestions on a good box . Thank you.

Have you considered They have 5x7, 6x8, 8x10 and 9x12. I have one of their wet painting carriers and while it is heavier than other brands, it is definitely sturdy.

I just found it on the dick blick website with the accessories and carrying bag for much less $$.

Thanks Lori. I did see that one, right now it’s the first choice . I just want to see if there were some better to look at. The one I really like is the Utrecht thumb box. But I can not find any for sale. I think when Blik’s bought them out they discontinued them. Thanks for your reply. :smiley:

Stephen, I’ve been using a Ugo Plein Air pochade box for the past couple of months and it’s been great. Very compact, lightweight and sturdy. I can put it on a tripod or hold it in my lap, and it fits in a small backpack. It looks shallow, but it is deep enough to lay out your paints on the palette and close the lid without making a mess.I have the 8x10 size but they also make a smaller one (6x8 think). They’re made by New Wave Art. You can order from New Wave directly, and I believe Blick and Jerry’s also both carry them.

Thank you Jane. The u-go 6 x 8 box is nice, but it’s kind of like my Sienna. No storage . I’m looking for something that will hold a small pallet , some tubes of paint, and some small brushes. Right now the Gorilla thumb box fits , but I just want to check what other artist use before I buy But your right Bliks seems to have the best prices. Thanks again. :smiley:

Probably not the answer you are looking for but I find these boxes never have exactly the right storage. I carry zip lock bags to hold brushes and paint, or keep my tubes of paint in a separate plastic box, then throw it all into a small rucksack. It just allows for a lot more flexibility.

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I have a Guerrilla Painter 5x7 thumb box and love it. I got the fold out palette extension, which does limit it to one panel inside. I have a bag that holds it along with some tubes of paint and a few brushes. You can get short handled travel brushes which fit inside too.

Thank you Jacqueline. Your right . No it’s is what I want to hear from other artist. I’ll probably go with the Gorilla thumb box kit. Looks like it will work out fine.Even comes with a carry bag. I use the backpack with my larger plein air outfit.Thank’s again. :smiley:

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Thanks David. That’s the one I’m buying. I’ll get the box and the kit. Looks like it comes with everything, box , bag , brush cleaner. Thank’s. :smiley:

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Wow what a very cool box! I’ve always wanted to paint from our local bridges overlooking the intracoastal but thought how on earth could I put a tripod on a walkway like that. This looks perfect for that!

I love the Coulter Plein Air System Mini Size!

Thanks all for your input. I ordered the Gorilla pocket kit from Blicks. Price was right. Thank you Lori .Ordered the extension brush holder from Jerrys. It seems it will meet what I’m looking for. Thanks all again. Thank you David for having one and recommending it.

My Gorilla pocket 5 x 7 pochade box arrived. It is really a nice box, well built , finished nice. The kit came with quit a few items, I even bought the brush holder tray. It even came with a tripod mount plate, but I’ll only use it sitting or in the truck.