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Small linen panel rejecting oil paint

I have been painting a small still life on a Centurion linen panel…I was just finishing up and see that the surface is rejecting the paint in about 3 little spots. I have tried painting more heavily, using more medium, and neither has worked. Any suggestions? The really bad area is front and center (of course)…I’ve spent about 2 days on this.

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I too use Centurion panels. I discovered that there are two types: oil primed and all media primed (Acrylic gessoed). I use Cobra Watermixable oils and have had difficulty using the oil primed panels. I bought a bunch of the oil primed panels not knowing at the time that there were two types.

So what I have been doing on the oil primed panels is giving the surface a very thin coat of Cobra painting medium before I begin painting. This seems to solve the problem. It is very thin, I even wipe off most of it with a paper towel. You could also put a very thin coat of Liquin onto your oil primed panels if you are using regular oils. No need to let it dry, I just paint right into the painting medium or Liquin.

For the panels that I bought that were for all media, they work the best for my watermixable oils, but even those panels I usually give them an additional coat of acrylic gesso before I paint on them. I put a thin coat of painting medium on those as well if I remember to do so. I rarely have a problem on the acrylic panels with my Cobra paints. But don’t paint an acrylic gesso over oil primed panels!

If you are having a problem now that the painting is completed, you can can try scrubbing the surface to work the oil into the surface. I am not sure if that would work, but I think I have had to do that a few times. You may need to rework part of your painting, sadly.

I only purchase all media linen Centurion panels now and I like them very much, now that I have gotten used to them.
Hope this helps a little.


That was very helpful. Thank you for answering.

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Try coating it with Liquin, then painting over that…

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Sometimes the paint won;t adhere to the little indentations in canvas and liquin will fill it in…I start my paintings with acrylic then switch to oils,I always put a coat of liquin before I start on the oils…Please let us know if it works for you…no matter if I use oils or acrylics I always coat with liquin first…

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I’ve never used Liquin under acrylic, or for that matter between the acrylic and the oil. How does that work going on before the acrylic?

It sounds like you coat your canvas first with Liquin and then paint acrylics on top. I believe Liquin is an oil based product. Oils can go on top of acrylics, but acrylics cannot go on top of oils. They won’t adhere over time.