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Sketchup can now be used in your browser

(Gary Westlake) #1

Many of you may not be aware of Sketchup which is Google’s very powerful but easy to use 3d drawing program. It has been the one program that I have not been able to use since I switched to the Linux Mint operating system (both Apple and Microsoft can go… … I finally had enough of their silly ways). Now I can also use Sketchup because Google has offered Sketchup, at least for now, free entirely within browsers like, Firefox, Explorer or Chrome. If you haven’t used Sketchup you should (be warned it can be addictive). So why would I mention this on a site like this? First, Sketchup has a huge number of models that you can download. Have you ever wanted to draw an object like a car or chair but you do not have the right car or chair and you have reference photos but the shadows are wrong? You can simulate this in Sketchup and change the shadows for time of day and time of year.


(Sunny Avocado) #2

That just blew my mind! So cool…once I get over the learning curve. Thanks!!

(Gary Westlake) #3

Here are a couple of videos that might help

(Karleen Kareem) #4

Thanks, Gary! Looks great! Something else to learn :grinning: