Site revamp lost a clickable banner

I’ve noticed that with the new look to the website, one thing has been overlooked. Or maybe you just decided not to do it this time. The top Daily Paintworks banner is no longer clickable. It used to be that if I was looking at someone’s art and wanted to go back to front page, I could just click on the Daily Paintworks banner.

It should now be working on a computer. Are you using an iPad? I have disabled the banner link on tablets because it is too easy to accidentally tap when trying to tap the smaller links around it.

I see it’s been fixed. I was seeing the problem on my desktop, when I would look at the daily email and click on one of the paintings to view it on the website. When I got to that page, if I tried to click on the Daily Paintworks banner to go to the home page, it wouldn’t work. I could get there by clicking on the What’s New tab, but the banner didn’t work. Now it seems to be working.

I agree, the auction page on the smartphone version of DPW should allow one to select between all auctions, active auctions, DPW picks, etc., just like on the desktop version. I had intended to put it in place after the first mobile release, however didn’t get around to it and it slid off my plate! No worries, thanks to @joewodjo reminding me I have finished and released the feature.