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Signing a print - location

i can usually figure out where to sign my name, but sometimes I am stumped like on these prints I’m preparing. sweett
Right sided horizont or vertic wouldn’t look right and no room on left side. Maybe squeeze in on the white border? I know the back is always an option but I’ve been told art looks better signed on front.

Anyone weigh in for me?

I would sign it in the lower right side. Maybe use a medium gray so as not to detract attention from the dog and his intent gaze on that cupcake…I was gazing at it myself…looks delicious :slight_smile:


Interesting…especially on this one! I would sign at the bottom right hand corner …as I am one who likes the looks of s signature usually…

Thanks guys! I thought it would take too much attention but light gray will do the trick!

Sunny does this help?
It’s a limited edition etching by a friend of mine. Signed and dated in the white border in pencil.

Yes, thank you! I already had them printed so didn’t want to have anyone have to buy a non-standard size frame…