Shipping small paintings

I’m fairly new to DPW and have sold a few small paintings, all shipped via USPS Priority Mail. This was the option suggested by Carol Marine in one of her tutorials. It has worked beautifully. However, lately two packages due to be delivered to my household have gotten lost when shipping USPS First Class. I understand USPS is implementing some new processes which may be causing our problems. I’m just curious if anyone else is experiencing problems with shipping Priority Mail within the US.

I also use the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping and have had no issues. You mention USPS First Class being shipped TO YOU have been lost. I haven’t had any problems receiving packages through USPS for either shipping method or to and from. Maybe I have been lucky due to what you said with new procedures.

I will add just to be safe always put the “To” and “From” addresses on the inside of the package as well.
I have received packages for NWS shows from all over the country and world. Some of them the boxes were near shredded or torn badly maybe from sliding around trucks or floors? with the addresses barely visible. I was surprised they made it.
I have heard the horror stories of lost art heading to shows never to make it.

Shipping companies will retape, repackage any that have been destroyed but if they can’t make out the destination or where it came from then as far as I know it goes to some warehouse so maybe it gets claimed.
If you put the adresses on the inside too your chances increase,

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Thank you for the suggestion to be sure the to and from info is also on the inside. I will definitely do that from now on.

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I also paint small paintings and use Priority mail. I have shipped out hundreds of paintings, with no problems. ( okay, I’m knocking on wood) I like that they supply the box, offer $100 in insurance and they give you a tracking number.

You’ve lost paintings even with tracking?

I’d talk to your post office and see what can be done to rectify that.

Otherwise, Priority is the way to go.


I recently shipped a very large painting from California to Maine. I had to get a “mirror” box from Home Depot, it was that big. I shipped via USP. I made sure the 2nd box that slid into the outer box also had the name & address of my patron. I think that is important. The painting was worth $1,700 so I paid extra for signature required. I think the shipper takes better care of a package with signature required. The painting arrived safe and sound and my patron and I were both very happy.

Thank you for your reply — that is very encouraging. Actually, the incoming package that was lost showed up yesterday. It was shipped on February 26, and according to the tracking data spent over a month bouncing back and forth between distribution centers in Georgia and Florida before finally showing up at my home in Alabama. This one was shipped First Class, so I hope that Priority gets better treatment.

Thank you for responding. I think the idea of requiring a signature is great as long as the customer is OK with that. I’m learning also about the importance of having duplicate address information on the inside as well.

Yes I have had trouble with them recently. Shipped 6 paintings in their box, priority mail, insured, two day delivery from TN to GA…yet it took 2 weeks to arrive to the buyer. I was at my wits end with them, because this was a very expensive deal! We had multiple postmasters involved trying to find this package, and I breathed a big sigh of relief when it finally arrived. I am hesitant to use them again after this. I think the Memphis TN distribution center is the issue, as it appears to have sat there for almost a week.

Thank you for the info. I can imagine how stressful that must have been. Glad you were able to track them down. One other thing I have learned is to always save the shipping receipt.

Same here I had no issues with USPS its probably the cheapest route with art less then 30" if its over try getting Fedex or UPS

That is good to know! Thanks.