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Shipping paintings and padded envelope?

Has anyone shipped paintings done on panels in padded envelope? I currently ship USPS priority mail today, but I use boxes and for an 8 x 10 it’s about $12 .Any insight would be helpful. thank you

I use the USPS Flat Rate Envelope (kind of like light cardboard), you can order them for free on the USPS website, (no padding) to ship and so far (knock on wood) I have not had a complaint or a problem. I always insure the package for the amount of the painting(s).

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I agree with Cathleen. Yep, USPS Flat Rate Envelope
is the way to go…and insure it~ About half your price or less depending on where it is going!

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Hmmm–regardless of whether I use a box or an envelope, I always sandwich the canvas or panel in foamcore cut a little larger than the panel. Just some added protection for the front and corners.

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For small oils I use the padded envelopes, and fit the painting into a cut out foam board. For added protection I often tape an additional cut-to-fit foam board to the front side and add wax paper between the painted surface and foam board. The challenge is to keep the size and weight to a minimum to lower shipping cost.


Thank everyone for sharing your experience and advice.It sounds like flat rate envelope and foam core is the way to go. I appreciate the information and will give it a try .

I use document mailers for small panel paintings. I like the cardboard it contains to add extra protection to the painting. I’ve been doing this for about 5 years now and have not had a problem. I always insure the painting, and send 1st class. Usually costs about $7. (including mailer) within US.

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I know most people use the envelopes but I still use boxes. My customers alway comment how pleased they are the painting came in a box. I get my boxes (when I don’t have any to recycle) from staples pretty cheap. Using my own box and shipping priority it is usually between 5 to 8 dollars, using the USPS boxes are more expensive. A woman working at the post office told me for the weight of what I ship I would save a lot of money using my own boxes, and she was right.


Thank you Mary, I have been shipping in boxes as well.With great results. I’ve had no issues with damaged paintings and collectors seem to like the extra care.
I would like to offer a less expensive shipping rate for my 6" x 6" 's; because of the size it doesn’t fit the small Priority Mail box. I have read here that the photo mailers with padding and cardboard works quite well for small works.I"m planning to offer that in the future.
I appreciate the tip about Staples. I have been using recycled shipping boxes ,I’m running out. Your timing couldn’t have been better. I appreciate everyone comments and help.
Thank you.

For DPW, I usually work 8x8 and recenlly ordered a 25-pack of these 10x10x4" boxes on Amazon. At $.47 each, the price beat anything I could find from Staples. (With Prime there was no added shipping.) 8x8x4" boxes also are available, but the unit cost is slightly higher–$.62.

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I use foam board, as well. If it’s just one small painting, I use the flat rate envelops or boxes (depending on size). I’ve never had a problem yet.

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Me too, USPS padded envelopes for the smaller flat panels. First wrapped with packing paper, then foam sheet for face THEN padded envelope with rigid cardboard (same size as envelope) slid into envelope…

Flat rate padded envelope works great for sizes up to 8 x10 and its under 6 bucks to ship any place in US, plus the padded envolopes are free.

Hi !
Staples 8"x8" brown cardboard 25 for 10.79 is about .44 each.


is this what you ship your 6"x6" in ?


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I also put my painting in this clear plastic envelope first, then the flat rate USPS cardboard envelope. The clear plastic makes it look nice and protects it from moisture. I also include a postcard with my work and info on it for a thank you card. maybe a business card too inside the clear plastic. I think it has a nice look.

I have my postcards and business cards printed on MOO.com. You can print a different painting on each card. The gloss looks very nice, deepens the shadows and brings up the highlights. If you are handing out cards in person, people really like getting to pick their card and you get to see what paintings they like. I get the square business cards, they fit my format!

Follow this link for moo.com

yep order the sizes I need like 8x8, for the 6 x 6 paintings and ones for my 8 x 10s like 9 x 12 x 3 boxes, bulk bundles, the packages get delivered to the store just a couple miles from me with no shipping charge and I just pick them up there.

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Aren’t the 8x8x6 boxes from Staples a little large for just a 6x6 flat panel painting? It also seems like it would make the price for shipping jump up higher.

Yes, I agree, it is definitely less expensive and easy, the way I’m currently handling shipping. Just curious though, and good to know about boxes in case i need to ship a framed painting.