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Shipping from England

(H.J. B.) #1

Does anyone have experience of shipping small paintings from the uk? Particularly to USA. I would just like to know how to do it and if its just posted through the post office .

(J M Needham) #3

Yep- I go to the post office, ask for the ‘tracked and signed for’ option, which usually costs just under £10. Then I email the buyer with the tracking number on the receipt, so they can keep an eye on it if they want. Hope that helps!

(Karen Eade) #4

Same as the previous reply. All my sales are from the UK to the USA. I paint on panel as it is more robust, gift wrap it, then wrap lightly in bubble wrap then put into a rip-proof Royal Mail posting bag and fill in the customs slip (you can get these by the roll from the P.O.). Cost is £9.75 or thereabouts for up to 10x8.

(judy holder) #5

call fed ex , I have heard they know how to deal with customs and do the paperwork correctly.

(H.J. B.) #6

Thankyou! Thats great.

(H.J. B.) #7

Thanks Karen! Really useful information .

(H.J. B.) #8

Thanks , JHolder! …