Shipping and local drop off options

Hi, I’m new to DPW and am curious about shipping vs local drop-off / pick-up services.

I want to offer local customers free delivery services but still use DPW for sales. But my DPW shipping option is set up with USPS and a $10 charge. I set up two shipping profiles but can’t select both for each painting. My local customers would like to order online but not be charged the $10.

How can I set up both a free local option and a $10 shipping charge on DPW? Or what are some solutions others have used?

Thank you!

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You could credit back $10 via paypal, after your local buyers pay standard shipping cost. You could market that credit as “Special deal for locals- receive $10 credit you can use toward next purchase” or someting like that to encourage locals to buy you art

Hi Amy, you could add a statement to your items listed for sale. Simply state that if someone is local and would like to avoid the shipping cost they need to contact you before a purchase. Then you can remove the shipping cost before they make their payment. I have done this several times after someone has contacted me. This way you can also be sure that they are close enough to be considered local. Refunding on PayPal does cost you a small fee, this I have experienced as well.


I recently sold a painting to a collector that had paid my shipping cost as stated in the instructions. I refunded the shipping cost when it turned out that I was going to be in her area and was able to hand deliver the painting. To keep things simple for purchase, I think communication with your collector will allow you to offer varied arrangements agreeable to both. The "Buyer " tab has been a great help in keeping track of these communications too.

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Thank you for your advise! This seems like a simple way to process the sale…best, Amy

Thank you Helen! Very grateful for your help!

Thank you Bobbie…I didn’t realize PayPal charges a fee for refunds. But then again, of course they do. Removing the shipping cost entirely before purchase makes sense and making sure they’re “local” beforehand is also something I hadn’t considered.
best, Amy

Agree with the others and have done both.

Hoping that there will be some sort of “coupon” that could be applied before the hand-off to Paypal. Maybe a % off or waive shipping, etc. No doubt complicated, but it sure would be terrific.

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