Sharing on Twitter

I just discovered that we don’t have a Twitter sharing button. And copy and paste url only shows particular gallery but not individual piece. I share mostly on FB and Pinterest, and Twit only later from Etsy.
Does anybody knows any tricks how to put art on Twitter?

There are various 3rd party apps you can use to prepare, schedule, and manage posts to twitter, facebook, and other social media.

I use - just go there and set up an account. It will show you how to use it.
(and because I use buffer, I never noticed the lack of a twitter button around here :wink: )

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Thank you, Jan! I do everything manually :thinking: Will try that.

I put art on Twitter all the time. If you have the piece on your computer you just click on that little box in the Twitter form and upload it from your computer. You can put a link to it in the body of the Tweet. On Ebay, its a lot easier since they have a Twitter icon in their form.

Thank you, Patricia. I am not sure if people really will go to the site, they might look on the picture but won’t click on the link. But yes, that’s another solution too.

I don’t know if they will follow the link to DPW because I just reopened my gallery but they sure do on my eBay listings. Try it and see.

Actually tried this. Don’t know it’s because my work is on auction, but it seems like a lot of views. :slight_smile: