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Sharing Daily Paintworks

I been thinking about how Facebook business page posts don’t really go any where anymore unless you dish up cash. I think we should all share Daily Paintworks posts on FB to drive more traffic to the site. David am I correct that the posts do not have the reach they once did?
What do you think?

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Good topic. I’ve been spending less and less time at FB because it doesn’t seem to work like it used to. But if there’s a way we could at least revitalize it or adapt to make it work for us - it would be worth it to stay, maybe.

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I would be all for trying anything that would get us more exposure.

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I did have a fb art page that would get all kinds of traffic at one point then they changed it so post don’t make it to people’s feeds unless you paid. So it wasn’t worth it. DPW doesn’t appear to be getting traffic on the FB page at least from what I can tell by likes per post compared to followers. I’ve started sharing the posts from DPW on my personal page. Just make them public, it can’t hurt.

That’s what I do - post first to my personal page, then share to my business page.

If you have a business page on Facebook and you LIKE your own page it will automatically show up on your personal page; i.e. you don’t have to post it twice.

We all share DPW posts on our personal page and make it public when sharing. Also go to the DPW page and go right down the feed and like the all the posts. I’m not saying flood your personal page with sharing but maybe 1 or 2 a posts week would help. Personally I think its ok to self promote and also promote other artist work also.