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Is there SEO here on DPW?

I hope someone will respond. Thanks.

Yes, we pay attention to SEO on DPW. SEO is the intersection of two elements - natural searchable content - URLs most importantly - and external links.

The URLs to artwork in DPW contain both the artist’s name and the painting’s title in the URL to view the painting.

For example:

This is also true for the URL to the artist’s DPW Gallery:

The second element are external links to DPW artists and artwork. These links include links to our artists’ work on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages, and links all our artists have on their social media pages, as well.

In addition to that, we rebuild, what is called, a set of site map files everyday, which give search engines a list URLs to all our pages, including our artists’ galleries and artwork pages.

Back in the day, long ago, it was possible to game SEO by, for example, the inclusion of invisible keywords on pages that have nothing to do with the page content and the creation of thousands of links on link-only websites. The time of being able to game the system, however, has long passed as search engines have become more and more sophisticated.

These days, effective SEO is authentic SEO. Apart from natural searchable URLs and good content that generates real links, it cannot be faked or bought.


Thank you very much for the information you provided.
I greatly appreciate it.

I think it is quite logical. Any site or forum needs to be promoted in search engines. I did research on one page of the site. It turned out that the better the content is written, the higher the page in the search engine.

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I noticed when I put a painting up on DPW and no where else, it gets usually under 20 views. Is this normal? But if I put a link to my page on facebook and where ever else I can share it on facebook, (I belong to lots of facebook painting groups) I get many more views, 50 to 140 something. The ones with the most views are auctions where I have low starting bids, or at least low to me, $35. Are there any other ways besides linking on facebook to get more views and hopefully more sales? That work?

Also is it permitted to share our work on the DPW facebook page? I noticed that it looks like only DPW posts paintings there. If not permitted how does one get picked to show on that page? This one here:

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I just read an article about keywords and SEO by a tech person. Search engines like Google know folks cram in good and suspect keywords so they put less importance on them and go to the written content.

Content is the most important thing you can do to promote your art. Write a detailed description about each piece, subject, colors, techniques, materials, why, where, inspirations, etc. Ramble on!
A search engine can’t ‘see’ your pic, they have to read it.
Putting that info in your blog it not enough. It has to be with the image where ever it appears on the web.

I find it frustrating that not everyone writes something about their art when posting on DPW. Disappointing. I want to know why and how you got there.

Also unbelievable that some don’t write anything on ‘The Artist’ page of their gallery!


Thanks loads Cynthia, I copied down your list. I try to talk about each painting but a lot of the time I don’t know what to say. I’ll check my artist page too, I think I copied and pasted an old bio but I am not sure. Whenever I see a painting here that I like, I read the description too, and I also feel disappointed when I don’t see much about the painting.


Hi Lori,
Can you tell us the names of the FB auctions groups that you use so we can check them out please.
Thank you

Hi Kay!
I am not on any FB auction groups, I was talking about the DPW auctions. I got more views on them than the regular posts. When I linked DPW with FB I got more views.
I left DPW because I didn’t get any sales and also got beyond broke.