Selling Note Cards of paintings

Is anyone selling note cards on DPW? I sell note cards of my paintings to a number of gift shops. I usually give discounts for multiple orders. Is there a way to do this on DPW? I hate to sell just one note card if I could sell say 10 and give a discount.

Any suggestions?

Hi Rhett,

The way to sell note cards and other non-fine art items is not using categories, as Sunny suggested, which is a way of organizing your fine artwork in your DPW Gallery website. Instead, you should create an item store page, which you ca read about here:

I’ve looked at your DPW Gallery website and can see you already know this and already have a “Note Cards” store items page, however I am writing this to inform other members who may read this post.

To answer your question about whether you can create quantity based discounts in DPW for your store items, the answer is no. You could, however, create another item that is a collection of cards and offer that “item” at a discount.

Carol, how very nice of you to respond to my question. I thought about my question which I posted and came to the same conclusion that you suggested. I am going to make an item in my note cards which will be 6 cards of ANY of my paintings for a certain discounted price.
Thank you for your great website. You and your husband have done an outstanding job with this. I am really looking forward to being part of this art community. I own your book and found it to be very inspiring to me with lots of great suggestions. I have also listened to the podcasts where you have been interviewed. I just wish I could have attended the last Plein Air Convention to have gotten a chance to actually meet you. In love and painting… Rhett

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That is the help page and process I was referring to but I used incorrect wording. Thanks Carol!