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Selling locally through DPW!

Last night I had an open studio and a patron wished to buy a small painting that is listed on DPW. As we chatted, I mentioned that my Square setup was a little iffy sometimes but we could try it.Then she asked if she could pay with her phone! I had never considered that before, but told her that it was worth trying. So I gave her the info to go to DPW, then search for my name, then click on my Gallery and scroll down until we found the painting that she wished to purchase. She had a PayPal account. She then proceeded to purchase, scanning her credit card into the app with her camera and was able to complete the purchase… I was able to see that the transaction was completed on her phone. I wrapped up the painting and put it in a bag and thanked her. When I returned home and checked my email later, there was the email that $100 was deposited. Whoopee! That was easy. And now another Art Patron knows about DPW!

I told another artist in our building about my sale and DPW and she said she was going to look into it, as she works small.

What a versatile app! Many thanks for all the improvements you all are constantly working on.


Congrats on your sale! I’ve just returned to DPW after being away for awhile, so please excuse my question if it’s common knowledge. You said “versatile app” - are you referring to DPW & does it now have an app version ?

I am referring to DPW. The fact that my client could access DPW, my gallery and the purchase info on her small phone was quite impressive to me. It means to me that the web developer has made DPW “mobile friendly” as well as user friendly.

Welcome back!

Thanks! It is a very mobile & user friendly site. Just wanted to check if a DPW app was made while I was away. Congrats again on your smooth sale!

I think the app she is referring to is PayPal which was used to make the purchase through DPW.

Rosemary…great you sold a painting !
I don’t quite understand why your customer needed to use her credit card to make that transaction…unless she was getting airline miles with her purchases. You can set PayPal up to link to your bank account even if you have no funds in PayPal and it will draw funds from there without needing a credit card.
Great that it works with a card also though!