Selling in restaurants

I occasionally sell as a business’s Artist of the Month. It’s been a while since I have. The first few years was at our local Starbucks and if I made a sale, the buyer would text my number and I would drive down and get paid, give them the painting, and put up a replacement painting.

I would sell between 1 and 3 a month doing that. My most recent (a few years ago) was using my papal email and the owner of the business would take a pic of the painting with its new owner and send to me. The buyer purchased and took with them the painting.

Now in March I will be hanging up art for a month at a brewery. I don’t want to go the Starbucks route of driving our there whenever there’s a sale, but the other route where they send money to paypal and leave with the painting has me wondering a few things.

I won’t have anyone there to coordinate the sale like last time. The buyer will purchase (and likely get help getting it off the wall) leave with the painting.

If anyone else sells this way, how do you insure that the money will hit your acct? Say they pay and take the painting. What if they stop the payment? Is there any thing else I need to worry about? Am I overthinking this?