Selling in multiple venues

I’ve been selling off daily paintworks but am wanting to reach a larger/different audience with my paintings. I’ve been considering Etsy, eBay, and some online galleries. I was hoping for some advice from ya’ll.

  1. do you post the same paintings simultaneously to different sites?
  2. do you direct them all to daily paintworks from those sites or transact through the other venue?
  3. if you direct them to DPW, how does the financial part go with the other site?
  4. has that been successful for you?
  5. any suggestions as to what sites are good? I do smaller acrylic paintings, contemporary colors.

Thanks for any tips you have!!


I keep them separate so there’s no possibility of them selling at the same time!

Occasionally I move them around if some paintings have been on a site for a long time. It is laborious but it freshens up the ‘gallery’ pages.


I sell on DPW, EBay and Etsy. I keep the purchasing part separated but display all work on my DPW gallery. I have found sales very difficult on Etsy and inconsistent on DPW and EBay. I find selling my work harder than creating it. Has anyone have tricks on selling on Etsy? I am debating on closing my spot there.

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I’ve tried It’s free to sign up. They take a large commission of 30% but they pay for shipping. You just have to price your artwork higher and wait but it sells. They have price tiers that begin at $100. When something sells there I just mark it sold in my DPW gallery.


Hi, I post on DPW, local porch, sometimes on Etsy and also show in local galleries. I’ve never had the same thing sell at the same time in multiple sites. I have a mobile device handy so I update all sites as soon as they sell.

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Hi, Donna, I had been on Etsy for years and had some sales but barely. Recently I started with one of their promotions of $1/day and I found that I’ve been getting more traffic and even more sales than usual. But it could be the time of the year for the holidays.

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Thanks Marlene, I will look into that!

Would love to know if it works for you! :slight_smile: