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Returning to DPW

(Anne Wood) #1

Hello again…I am back online with you all. I re-joined today after a brief time away. Looking forward to catching up with news and your views.

Best regards to all, Anne Wood…A Lincolnshire painter from England.

(Connie McLennan) #2

Good to have you back!

(Nan Johnson) #3

Welcome back Anne! Looking forward to seeing your work again!

(Anne Wood) #4

Thank you Connie. Good to be on board again.

(Anne Wood) #5

Thank you Nan. Great to be back.

(Rosemary Antel) #6

I looked at your blog and am absolutely enchanted with your work! I love the concept of Wabi-Sabi, though I do not paint in that style, I really appreciate seeing good examples of such paintings which yours certainly are! Keep on painting and putting it our into the world. You are making the world a better place.

(Anne Wood) #7

Hello Rosemary,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me and is very encouraging. I hope my studio door is open for a long time so I can keep sharing my work with you all.

Kind regards, Anne.

(Yulia Kazansky) #8

Hello Anne! Welcome back. I love your work. It was an interesting post in your blog in the beginning of July about abstracting “real” landscape. It’s funny, I have no problem with that concept in photography but have hard time in painting abstract landscapes. I found your ideas very valuable.

(Anne Wood) #9

Hello Yulia,

Thank you for welcoming me back. I love being part of this world wide painting community. I find it so encouraging.

I was interested to read your comments about my blog. Thank you for that. Nice to meet you here.

(pamela kish) #10

Great to see you return!

(Anne Wood) #11

Thank you Pamela, good to be back.

(Patricia J. Powers) #12

Hi Anne, Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous work again.
Best wishes.

(Jacqueline Davis) #13

Welcome back Anne!!
Good to see you back.

(Anne Wood) #14

Hi Patricia,

Thank you so much. Good to be rolling again.

(Anne Wood) #15

Hello Jacqueline,

Great to be back on board again.

(Rita Meyerhoff) #16

When you leave and then rejoin do you have to re upload your paintings?

(Anne Wood) #17

Hello Rita,

The pages are just as they were on leaving. I have taken mine off though as I wanted newer things on.

It is very easy to do. David and Sophie are so helpful too.

I have just got 9 on my gallery page…will be uploading more this week.

Good wishes, Anne.

(Rita Meyerhoff) #18

Thank you Anne,

I am getting very discouraged. Maybe I need to take a break and rejoin later in the year.

Rita Meyerhoff

(Anne Wood) #19

Hello Rita,

I can quite understand your feelings. I left after my sales trickled off to nothing. About six or seven months ago I think. Just got curious again and I decided to rejoin and see.

I do have another online ‘shop’…Artfinder. That is also very erratic. Nothing for weeks and then suddenly, three sales.

I like to keep in touch with other painters. It is supportive.

Good wishes, Anne

(Rita Meyerhoff) #20

Thank you for your thoughts Anne.