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Returning to DPW at long last!

Hi all!

Just wanted to drop a message here to say hello - I’m planning to return! I don’t know how many people would remember me, but I certainly have fond memories of this site. I really enjoyed selling here, seeing everyone’s paintings each day, and getting comments and advice from other artists.

It was with great regret that left DPW in late 2018. Due to health issues, I didn’t have the time and energy to promote my work, my sales dried up, and I couldn’t make the membership cost back. I switched to selling on Etsy while I was in and out of hospital a lot, as it has lower up-front costs. It’s been working well, I’ve made good sales the last couple years, but I’m starting to feel that the site has strayed from its ‘arts and crafts’ roots, and is not really serving individual artists such as myself any more. Though I’m still doing well there, I want to explore other options - so I’m hoping to reopen my DPW shop for a six month trial period. It will be interesting to run the shops side by side and see how they compare!

I’m super excited to be back! I’ve grown a lot since I was last active here, as a person and as an artist. I’m now focusing full time on art (well, as full time as I can around treatment!) and I’m keen to see how my recent work is recieved.

I’ll see you all soon, I hope!


Welcome back! I also took a break from DPW before rejoining. I haven’t posted a lot of work since, and sales have not happened, but it is still good to be part of this community and the cost is not high compared to other sites. I hope you enjoy being back. Sales are a bonus!
I am also sorry to read what a very difficult time you have been having. So glad you haven’t stopped painting and creating. Good luck.

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Thanks very much! It’s been rough, but creating helps to manage it all. Art is a fantastic therapy for pretty much anything life can throw at you! I can’t imagine that I’ll ever stop, as long as I’m able to hold some kind of brush or pencil. All the best!


Good for you! I’m also considering returning after time off Daily Paintworks. Like you, my hiatus was due in part to health issues. I do remember you being a fellow member and agree that the interaction and sense of community is very worthwhile. Sales are a happy bonus. Hope you feel better.

Welcome Back!
I remember you!
I agree about etsy. It has definitely strayed from it’s arty craftsy vibe. Shame.
I wish a bright spark would get another site going with the same vibe that etsy had to focus specifically on hand made.
Ahh well.

I hope your treatment is going well.