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Request to repaint a sold painting

(Nan Johnson) #1

Has anyone received such a request - asking if they would paint a previously sold painting again? Just curious how other artists handle these requests (I have gotten quite a few in the past, and just got another one now). In all instances, a print was not desired.

(Pam Lendi) #2

It has not happened to me but it has happened to a fellow artist friend of mine. She did paint another painting from her reference photo that she used for the first one but she asked that the person who requested it not post anything about it as the two collectors did not know each other. She thought it would be different in some way anyway and in the end the new collector requested a slightly different main color (it was a seascape) so it ended up quite different in the end.

(Elaine Dillingham) #3

Another approach, if you think that your subject will be popular, is to do a series of original paintings of this subject and number them accordingly: Oak at Sunrise 1, Oak at Sunrise 2, and on up. Explain that each is an original painting - similar, but not identical, to its predecessor. How many times did Monet paint that haystack?

(Connie McLennan) #4

Yep, I did it for someone who was unable to be online to make a final bid and was disappointed to lose a painting. I’m sure the buyer never knew. No two paintings are ever exactly alike, anyway, and a second version is often an improvement.

(Sunny Avocado) #5

Yep, happened a few times. I changed the subsequent pieces enough to not be that close but give similar look.

Also, I have painted 2 or 3 from same reference photos recently as an experiment and because I am so much faster with the 2nd and 3rd, people like to spend much less than I like to make… :wink:

I also think they are much better than the first too.

(Lynda Davison) #6

As most have pointed out…it is quite difficult to do a painting again and have it
turn out exactly the same, so wouldn’t think it a problem. I’m sometimes asked to do paintings in a different size “just like that one” and of course the same holds true…never exactly the
same, lol.

(carol koonin) #7

I once had to paint the same painting 4 times, but as it has already been said, each one was slightly different.
The lady who bought the original one did ask for a certificate of authenticity to show it was the original. xx

(Jacinthe Rivard) #8

If you go to my gallery you will see I have painted the same Ketchup bottle with tomatoes 3 times for 3 different client. But each have different tomatoes. I’ve done it for Ball jars and Coke bottles. Change up the strawberries and the position of the bottles. What I do is take a new picture and send it to the client… He then gives me the go ahead. I will never make the same painting twice but I will make a similar one! I don’t offer prints… I really have to look into that (I keep saying that)