Reference photos

Reference photos

Hi I just started adding photos to a shutterfly account. I’m very unorganized and have so many landscape photos between a couple of computers and my phone. I thought I would get them all into one place and share them with Daily paint works members. Use them for reference steel a sky or a tree or whatever paint the whole picture how ever you see it. Ill be adding them when I can I have about 50 on there now. They are all pictures that I have taken just in case your wondering.

Here is the link

Just type in mainescapes for the password and you can view.

Oh yeah if you paint a pic from a photo and list it on dailypaint works let me know I would like to check it out.


Thank you for sharing! I’ll take a look at them today.

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I can’t get the link to work.

Hey Bob, did you put the password in? mainescapes

Thanks @joewodjo, I too have TONS of photos-many are not categorized. I think my hard drive is too big for someone like me. :smiley:

And I only have about 1,000 of my dog. So, yeah. Not a problem.

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Very nice photos @joewodjo !