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Recommended cameras for photographing artwork

Hi, I need to update my ancient digital camera and wonder what makes and models any DPW ‘friends’ would recommend for photographing artwork. Sorting through the choices and varying reviews is a little confusing to say the least and of course they aren’t reviewed from an artist’s viewpoint! Please don’t suggest iphones etc - just cameras. Grateful for ideas and thank you in advance.

I have been using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i for three years and I do love it. There are more recent models now. Before I bought it I read the reviews on Amazon. Also, you might join a photographers group on Facebook, they also have recommendations from time to time.

Thanks, Linda. I’ll have a look online.

I am also looking for a new camera, but would like to get a point-and-shoot model that’s easy to carry in a pocket when I’m hiking. The Olympus model I have been using tends to emphasize the red tones when I try to photograph my paintings, which is very frustrating. Does anyone know of a camera that gives more accurate colors when photographing artwork?

I second Cynthia’s request, need a true to color, portable point & shoot to replace my defunct 2004 Kodak Easy Share, hopefully smaller by now. Had zoom for taking reference photos and beautiful color for art photos. Don’t want video or anything else I can’t even understand what it is. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

I am not a photography geek so I upgraded my iPhone to the 7 Plus. It takes clear pictures and has an optical zoom. It also has a limited but still nice way to take a portrait with a fade effect for the background. These 2 features are only on the 7 Plus, not the 7. It’s nice to be able to have a point and shoot and a phone together. Much easier to carry. Look up reviews for this and you’ll see some good ones. Of course, nothing beats a fancy DSLR camera but for traveling, this one is pretty darn good.