Questions about gessobord

I am new to the site and new to painting on gessobord. I have several questions and any help is appreciated.
What is the preferred painting surface for the buyer? Is it a flat gessobord or a cradled gessobord? The flat option allows for the buyer to custom frame it but a cradled gessoboard is more complete of itself - it doesn’t need a frame.

How are flat gessobords hung to a wall? How are cradled gessobords hung to the wall?

I am also contemplating making my own prepped boards. I have the wherewithal to make my own, flat or cradled gessobords, but I am wondering about the time involved to make them. What do you think?

Here is a thread that might interest you.

For the small boards up to 8 inches, I buy gesso boards from Jerrys because it is not worth making my own unless I am out of them. I have found that larger boards can warp even if sealed both sides so I make a cradle of 3/4 inch plywood on its end. I mitre the corners and glue the whole thing together. Some commercial boards are more slippery than others. This can be overcome by adding a layer of gesso or coating with a thin layer of oil paint and wiping it off.

What ever you paint on will be eventually be framed and that’ll answer your hanging part of your question. I think you should worry less about what you use and concentrate on what you paint on it, skill & concept over material .

I struggle with this question also. I recently started painting on cradled boards which opens up a whole other decision…what to paint the sides? I have decided to do what suits the painting best. I think you just have to take a chance and do what you do regardless what the buyer is ideally looking for regarding framing or not. Also there are options to frame with a floater frame if you are using cradled panels. Good luck and happy painting!

I’ve not seen cradled board in floater frame but wouldn’t be any different from flat though you would have to have same depth on the frame. I have put 7/8" canvases in floaters and they are great.

I finish sides of cradled boards with complimentary color or black, white, gray or background color.