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Question about Life Drawings

If like me you attend life drawing sessions, my question is, what do you do with the drawings?
Do you keep them? Do you attempt to sell them?
If so, how do you sell them - matted / rolled?


I drag them around with me for 50 years and continue to ponder what I should do with all those drawings that I like quite a lot. After I die they will probably be sold as part of my estate. Hope you come up with a better solution.


I used to try to save them, but over just a few years I ended up with stacks and stacks of big newsprint sheets that weren’t archival, with charcoal smudging everywhere… when I had to move to another state, I just threw everything out. I do photograph the good ones and keep them as digital images… and the originals, I don’t keep anymore. For me it’s just practice, I try not to get attached.


Mine are in a large sketchbook and I thought about rubbing them out to reuse but I like to be able to see my progress. There is a nonprofit gallery in town that has a fundraiser every year called the “Bare Minimum”. Artists donate their drawings and the gallery sells them for $10.00 and there is free beer. Cheap art and free beer! Who would pass that up? They made $1400!


Charlotte I still have some of my life drawings from college from 28 years ago! :flushed: -
I don’t want to get rid of those - they serve as a nice reminder.

But my newer ones - as Katya said I don’t want to get attached.

Andrea, what a great idea! Donating the drawings is a good idea. I will think that over.

I have seen people selling their life drawings on ebay for anything between $20 and $250 depending on the quality and finish.

I’ve thrown out tons of them, will be culling through them again soon.

These days I draw in a spiral bound sketchbook-- that keeps all the drawings in place. If there is one that is particularly nice I might try and sell it, but mostly for me, figure drawing is just practice. I count it as a hobby.


:joy::joy::joy: that made me lol.