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Quality, inexpensive cotton canvas

I used to purchase my canvases for acrylic and oil painting from AC Moore and was always pleased with the quality. Since they have gone out of business, I have been trying to find some relatively inexpensive canvases but so far, they are too loose or don’t hold paint well. Can any of you offer suggestions?
I just ordered a lot from a major online art retailer and I’m having the same issues with the canvas being too loose.
I may have to go up in price but am hoping someone will have a source.
Thanks artists!

I am currently using DickBlick for cheap but still decent quality canvas. What major online retailer are you unhappy with quality?

I stock up when Michael’s has the good 1/2” deep canvases at 70% off.
I find that if I spray a “loose” canvas with water on the back side, it will tighten up.
Good luck!

I like ‘The Edge’ canvas from Jerrysartarama. It is thick and taut. No problems even doing oil and cold wax, scraping and pushing on the canvas. Doesn’t sag.
Not the cheapest. I like the gallery wrap canvas because it does not need a frame.
I watched Jerry’s sales which are happening all the time (sign up for email) and got them for about $9 each for 24 inch size.

Hey Tara,
I have ordered large canvases from DickBlick and have been very happy with them but their small sizes have too much stretch. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Hey Penny,
Thanks for the tip of spraying with water. I’ll give that a try!

Thanks Cynthia for the suggestion and for taking time to respond!

Oops! I meant to say the 1.5” deep canvases.

Dick Blick premium canvases are high quality and reasonably priced.