Purple is turning blue, white is yellow!

I’m trying to photograph a very small still life because it’s too wet to put on my scanner and the light purple background is turning blue. I’m photographing in daylight. Then I tried using an incandescent lightbulb and it is a little more purple but the subject which is basically white, is turning yellow. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and it is great for cropping and small adjustments but is useless in this instance. Thanks.

You should be able to make those color adjustments In Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.
However, you say you have not been able to. Not sure what kind of camera you are using but you should try using the adjustments on the camera.
Take a lot of shots at various settings, even settings you would not expect to work. The idea is to get as close as possible so any adjustments are as little or slight as possible.
if you are photographing in the day use daylight settings first but if you still get the color problems try going against instincts and even try a fluorescent lighting setting or other setting that may not match the light.
That is the benefit of digital. You can take lots of pictures and it does not cost you anything.
If you can provide the camera you are using as well as apps/programs and whether you are Windows or Apple Imac I may be able to offer more advice.

Patricia, this is what works for me most of the time.

I place my painting on top of a very white piece of paper or foam core to photograph it. Make sure a bit of the white paper shows all the way around the painting in your photo.

Then I open the photo in Photoshop Elements.
Pull down “Enhance” and choose “Adjust Color” > “Remove Color Cast”.
Click on the white paper in your photo.
Sometimes you have to click several times to find just the right area to correct. I find this removes the yellow or blue cast.

Then I open Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Levels
I adjust the brightness to the level I want.
Sometimes Enhance > Adjust Lighting > Brightness/Contrast works better.
Try them both.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for answering David. I found I had the best results with this one by using the scanner and then I fiddled around with Adobe the best I could. The purple is spot on but the yellow ochre was somewhat diminished.

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Thank you for the good advice. Using the ‘enhance’ after I scanned did help somewhat so I’ll keep that in mind. It just would not photo so I ended up using my scanner.