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Pumice ground question

I’ve been experimenting with dry brushing over textured surfaces. One thing I’ve dried is adding some tooth to the surface by mixing pumice with acrylic medium. I know you can get prpared product like this but for cost reasons I want to mix my own. I bought some pumice from a company sells pastel supplies, but it’s too fine, there isn’t much texture there.

Can anyone recommend a source for pumice powder and a good grade to use?

If you want a cheap, more textured alternative to powdered pumice, you could try fine sand or grog (grog is fired clay, ground up). You can get those from a pottery supplier.

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Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEAi_iMAWWE

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It would depend on how porous you like the surface to be. Marble dust works very well in either an acrylic or oil ground and it can be controlled very well to absorb the right amount of oil from the paint. It’s an old technique, and I often mix in marble dust with my oil grounds for the right consistency and absorbency.

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