Printing artwork on shirts, canvas, prints, etc

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I would have liked to put some fun art on shirts, but there is so much to getting the files right to be printed out in the right colors. And it can cost a good buck to get files made. I did try earlier on to make some canvas prints. I ordered one to see how it would look and it was passable. And then, yes, it would be worth it to create files of my favorites and it would only pay off if multiple prints were made…but I’m just not well known enough. :smiley:
And my art is low enough that it isn’t worth it… Besides, I just want to paint!

But if it does get easier or one of you has a great solution, I still have my original files!!

Boy you are not kidding Carol! Trying to create a store on Cafe Press is crazy! I have never seen a worse design, and I am pretty tech savvy too. Yuck!

I did manage though. I ordered a couple of things to get a look at them up close. Once I got to know how they set up the site, it is easy. It was just tough to figure out what they did initially. if you want to check it out! :smiley: