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ON DEMAND? I tried some other ‘on demand’ items but I had a lot of issues…I think I’ve worked them out now. I’ve sold enough to be able to invest in a really nice monitor, I’ve upgraded my computer. (It’s nice when the kids grow up and get into computers and are able to build a beast of a computer for their mom! I’m so lucky!) So I want to give it another go.

Anyway, merchandising…like calenders, mugs, mouse pads and all kinds of things. On demand right? No one wants all kinds of inventory sitting around with their money tied up in it. I have tried a couple of those on demand sites, but I didn’t like the quality. I was looking to have some items to fill up to do a couple of shows this year or next. Just cute filler and maybe online items too for marketing and promotion.

My daughter uses Society6 but I find it to be kind of expensive and I didn’t like the quality. I tried CafePress, I might do that again. FineArtAmerica, ehh. Whitewall was good. I can’t remember the other ones I tried! I know, pathetic! Hard to believe but I have memory issues and I should be more organized to make up for it. sigh. There just seems like there is always more to do than time to do it.

Oh, and I adore my Moo cards that Karen Margulis turned me onto. But that’s just my biz cards and promotion materials. I am asking you all about merchandising.

Anyone used merchify? When I put POD or Print on Demand, Merchandise in Google-sheesh. Too many results. Anyone got some real experience with somewhere great?? Cut to the quick for me? :smiley:

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I was favorably impressed with the quality of FAA greeting cards that I sent away for. Haven’t tried any of their other products. Also I put a tshirt design on Zazzle and a couple friends got the tshirts. Saw one of them, thought it looked good. Hope that helps.

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Yes, I forgot about zazzle. Good to know, thanks!

I’ve done the Cafepress and ordered to resell but that didn’t go over well enough. I’m on FAA and I’ve sold VERY little and that was to a couple friends :/…I’m on Etsy …NADA…on The Art of Where and display it in my Etsy shop…nothing…

I sell the most on DPW…my only guess is people who are on DPW are here for ART!..never tried Zazzle… I’m interested in hearing more too!

I tried etsy too, nothing. And FAA, not much. It’s up to us to market our ‘wares’. Ya know, to do the actual selling of it. FAA had nice quality but it seemed pricey to me.

This thread has to do with books on demand and self published: What is your experience with self-publishing books?

I guess I’m wanting calendars and mugs, that sort of thing. The mugs I’ve tried have NOT been good from Cafepress. @apenny how did you find the quality of Cafepress?

OMG! I set up a ‘store’ on Cafepress last year and forgot about it. I know, I sound terrible and I am not organized with all the juggling I do but I JUST looked at it to finish this post, and it says ‘you had $25 sales and you earned $1.04!’ ??? Hmmm. Not a good cut.

I know, I am going to do better! :frowning2:

Artist’s are organized???..if so … I NEED help!

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I have used Fine art america and ImageKind like the quality of the prints from them. I used Zazzle for years but lately I have not be pleased with the quality of what they produce.

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Thank you for your input!