Pricing/carriers for shipping for newbie

Hi- I’m brand new to selling on DPW and really don’t know where to start when it comes to posting a price to ship paintings. Also, I’m not sure about shipping internationally. I’d hate to lose out on a sale because I won’t ship overseas. I’d love to learn from others’ experiences! Thanks!

I tend to work on fairly consistent small sizes, so when I started on here I picked up a pastel-picture, along with its intended protective boards, paper and packaging envelope and weighed the lot. Having got the weight, I then researched the costs to post such a package within my own country (England) and overseas. I used our Royal Mail charts on the Internet for this. Did the same thing for my few small oil paintings as well.
Having got the costs, I then had to convert them from sterling to dollars (you may not have to do this, dependent on where you live).
So far, everything I’ve sold has gone to the USA and all have arrived in one piece. Posting from England I have to attach a customs label as well.
So, if you get the weight and prices for one of your typical-sized works plus packaging, it should act as a broad guide. You can then input your postal prices more confidently when you upload your work.

Thank you very much-very practical approach. I’m sort of embarrassed I didn’t think of that myself. I haven’t sold anything yet and suspect I may have quite a bit of time before I have to actually ship something but I want to be ready!

I use the postal service flat rate envelope. These can hold up to a 9x12 panel. cost is just over $5 in the US. I haven’t set up overseas pricing and would live to hear from others.

Hi Renee! Thanks for your input on this subject! I’m new here too, and just wondering how the envelope works, do you use extra padding? I just worry about damage. I’ve mailed other 9 x 12’s in the large flat rate boxes in the past, but if the envelopes work fine…that is the way to go! Since I’ve joined, I’ve decided to start painting 6 x 8’s, and 6 x 6’s, so probably could add a little extra protection with those. I’m going to go to the Post Office in the next couple of days, so will let you know what I find out on overseas pricing!

Hey Renee, I just found this online