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Posting sold art on social media when sold?

I do post a quick SOLD! now and then, not too often because of being busy and I just don’t think of it but it has resulted in a new sale when I did recently. So I think it shall be my new thing. :smiley:

Do you post anywhere when you sell?

There’s a “recently sold” section in my newsletter because I think subscribers like to see work even if it has sold before it gets to the newsletter.

When I post to Pinterest, I don’t state whether it has sold or not in the description because I would like them to come to my site and discover what is available.

If the painting was sold, how did posting it result in a sale? Did you get a commission?

Oh. No this person was just sorry that it was sold, followed my link to see what else I had and bought something else! Sorry, I guess I only wrote half the atory! Ha.