Policy for customer returns?

I’d appreciate suggestions from others who have had a customer request to return a painting. What, if any, returns policy do you post on your gallery? Do you foot the bill for the return shipping?
Thanks very much…


Just looked through your gallery, and it’s hard to believe anyone would want to request a return; you do beautiful work, Judith.

Hello Judith,

I am not familiar with the legislation in the US, but in Germany as a professional you have to accept returns for “mail orders”.
The artist Edward B. Gordon living in Berlin has stated his selling and return policies on his weblog.
Those are the results of European,German legislation, but they can give you an idea what could be wise to explain to potential buyers before purchase.

Here is the link: http://www.gordon.de/Edward_B._Gordon/withdrawal.html

I wish you good luck and ZERO returns.

I don’t like accepting returns at all, due to the low price and pretty good image online I didn’t want to. I also thought it would encourage some people to impulse buy which would probably result in more returns.

BUT I did have to do one return thru another site that requires returns when item is misrepresented. It was presented properly with a statement about dark/light monitors and I would be happy to send sample in mail prior to purchase and please work it out with me before reporting/initiating return.

But this buyer didn’t and I just figured-let her return, I don’t want anyone unhappy. Buyer told me it was too dark for her decor but THEN she told web site that I misrepresented item which is the way to get me to pay for return shipping.

I relisted after receiving item back at twice the price so if it happened again, I wouldn’t mind spending more time on the return and relisting. (Sometimes this process can take more time than the painting did, haha .)

Anyway, it sold at twice the price and new buyer was ecstatic. So…for me it all ended up okay.

I decided to accept returns only on DPW because successful artists that I admire do accept returns because they have experience. Good enough for me. I raised prices a bit so I don’t get in the same position by losing $ on return shipping on other site and here on DPW, I say up front that buyer pays for all shipping, even return shipping. It will help buyer if unsure until they see item, that they will only be out return shipping. Good compromise in my book.

But I would like to hear your suggestions too, so keep thread going! As I’m sure I could be doing this better… :slight_smile: