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Plein Air Magazine

Any Canadian artists know if you can purchase the Plein Air Magazine by Streamline Publishing in Canada anywhere. The International Subscription for the print edition has really increased in price and with the exchange and a charge of $30 shipping it now works out to $95.72 !! Yikes! The digital edition is more cost efficient, but not as nice as the print edition.

If you pay the shipping…I will mail you my issues when I am finished! I have a stack.

Hi Susanne! Wow that is so generous and sweet of you! I didn’t renew my subscription this time, so my last issue was May 2015. Do you know how much it is to ship an issue from where you are to Nova Scotia? I don’t mind paying you something for your magazine as well. I really love the magazine and paint on location frequently so it is right up my alley. :smile: Thanks!

Debbie…I will try to find out how much it would be and let you know…am I correct in thinking you that you would like the current and future issues? since you have all but the most recent July 2015…


Yes that is correct Susanne. If you don’t want to part with your current issues no problem at all. I appreciated your offer–it was a great idea. Maybe with the cost of shipping and something for the magazine, it might work out to be the same as the initial cost of the subscription anyway. Such a nice gesture on your part!

Debbie…I think it will not be a cost savings to you…a little 6x8x2 lightweight box to Ontario was a little over $30…


I think you’re right Susanne…It was really nice of you to think of the idea though…so kind and thoughtful. Thanks for trying! :smile: