Placing a painting On Hold

What is the best way to place a painting On Hold to reserve it until the interested buyer completes the purchase? It’s not advisable in general, I’m sure, but in this case I know the person and I agreed as a favor. This is the second time it’s been requested by people I know.

In your art tracking grid grid, you can go to the right to the column ‘artwork status’ and mark the piece ‘on hold’.

Thanks Sunny. I’m only seeing either ‘auction status’ or ‘status date change’ but I’m not selling through auction. Am I missing a column?

next column should be ARTWORK STATUS and following that the status date change. The columns are adjustible by clicking on the dividing line so check and see if for some reason that column is hidden. Should sit between Auction Status and Status Date Change.

Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth. I tried adjusting the columns’ sizes larger and smaller but nothing appeared. I’ll send in a help ticket and see what gives.