Pinterest button

Is anyone else missing the Pinterest button? I just loaded a new piece into my gallery and went to pin it and found there was no Pinterest button. No Facebook button either.

I am seeing your Pinterest and Facebook buttons on my laptop. Both buttons represent little bits of page real estate that are controlled by Pinterest and Facebook. There are occasional issues with both buttons over which, unfortunately, DPW has no control. I have seen times when either button won’t load, however the issue is transient and is generally quickly corrected. If this is not the case in your browser, you may have a browser plugin like AdBlock that is blocking them. Something to try is to use a different browser and see if the buttons are still missing.

Aha! Thanks David. It was ABP. I disabled ABP on DPW and there they were. It’s great that DPW doesn’t inundate us ads, so I disable it here. :slight_smile: Thanks again.