Phone number in your contact info?

Wasn’t sure where to post this post. Anywho-I’ve seen some artists putting their phone numbers on their contact info. I’ve always thought it invites all kinds of spam but maybe I am wrong? Is it better today to put your phone number out there?

Hubby is contractor and a web site that gives him leads uses a phone number that forwards to ours so they can track response rate, etc. Do you know of any similar ways we can do the same with a number would forward to ours that we can discontinue if spammed? Have you used your phone number in your contact info?

Personally no I wouldn’t put my phone number out there. I get enough spam phone calls as it is. I’m happy enough to rely on the ‘contact me by email’ thing.
Perhaps you could consider getting a business phone separate from your personal phone? You can pick up a cheap phone and contract if you don’t go for something fancy. Also then you could track response yourself more easily and have a separate phone bill for your business expenses?


Good idea Jacqueline, thanks. I don’t need another bill just yet tho. :wink:

I was curious about the folks who do put their numbers out there and wondering if they have one of those forwarders.

It is really not like an artist is a physician on call. As long as an email address is available that should be sufficient for any exchange of information and can easily lead to a phone call should that seem like a reasonable progression, even though the trend is away from computers and towards phones.

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On websites you can insert a ‘call now’ link that places a phone call without the number showing. I have my number on printed material but prefer it not be seen in the web.

I also use contact forms instead of a displayed email address on my website. Too much spam.

Also important to think about your family when giving out your home number. I once had a job where I was on call and my number was out there. An older man with a drinking problem started talking to my daughters who were teenagers at the time. Needless to say, we stopped that problem very quickly!