Paypal vs cheque

I have a buyer interested in a painting. But says he does not use Paypal and wants to send payment by check. This is the first time I have run into this. His emails do not have the characteristics of a scammer, (seen plenty of those). Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions…

I have had both scams and checks sent to pay for art. When it was a real sale, the buyer talked about the art specifically. Bad grammar is usually the footprint of a scammer and they are vague about the art.

I think one more email should tell you which it is. Do you use a post office box?

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I had a recent buyer without Paypal and a check was her preferred choice. I was happy with that as we emailed a few times and I waited until the check cleared before shipping the paintings. As Sunny says, watch for ‘scam characteristics’.


Thanks Sunny and Anne, I am going to proceed with the sale, his emails have been pretty good and specific. I will post and let you know how it goes.


You can also ask for a cashier’s check or money order instead of a personal check.

You could also delay shipping until the check clears. With the customers understanding and permission, of course.

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Would they wire the money directly into your bank account? I have had good success with this process. Work can be sent following the transaction. Good luck.

I would not give my bank account number out. Although these days, everyone is giving it away! (data breaches)

open a square cash account… they can log in and send money as if they gave you a check or cash and for personal transactions, there are no fees.

I am not familiar with square cash, has anyone else used it? It would be nice to save on fees…

You should always wait for a check to clear, whether it is a cashier’s check, personal check, or money order. I repeat, never, ever, ship a painting before a check (of any kind) clears.

Also, never give out your bank account and bank’s routing number (so say no to money wires) and never accept a check for more than the amount of the purchase.

If you keep these common sense rules in mind, you will not be caught up in any scams!


Up date on the sale; I offered to take a check, with the understanding the painting would not be shipped until the check cleared. Well I have not heard back from the buyer. I don’t feel bad about this at all. Think it was better to be safe than sorry. Also some one suggested the idea of wiring money directly into a back account…that idea really would make me nervous.

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I think any genuine buyer would always respect the painter’s request to clear a check (cheque)…I know I would respect that. In fact…I would prefer it if I was buying something online. We usually have to pay up front to purchase goods online.

I totally agree with Carol Marine! I have allowed checks with no adverse experiences., but I’m careful.

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