Paper tubes to roll canvases before putting in shipping tubes?

anyone have a good source for the paper tubes to roll canvases before putting in shipping tubes? checked local carpet installers, ha! Uline only has shipping tubes for the exterior tube.

I have bought paintings from artist that more money that we do. They don’t use good mailing tubes. Get corrugated card board that has paper on one side( comes in rolls i think) and roll the painting in that, works better than a tube and is cheaper and safer for the paintings.

Uline calls the corrugated stuff “corrugated wrap”

Thank you! Before I read your post, I found a local fabric store was going to toss the inner cardboard tube from the fabric rolls. Perfect!

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I normally ship smaller paintings on boards but lately I have been doing some larger works. I guess from your post that you have experience shipping non-stretched larger paintings. Are your clients ok with having the paintings stretched after they get them? How do you handle the paintings inside the roll? How do you paint them? on a stretched frame or taped to a board? Have you had any issues with the integrity of the paint surface when it was restretched?

I received a painting I purchased online and it came in a rolled tube, I was not happy! However, if the artist had told me beforehand that he was going to ship this way, I would have happily paid the extra shipping cost for flat shipping.
As an artist, I have never shipped a painting this way, even larger pieces. I guess if I were to do it for any reason I would let the collector know so there are no surprises at the receiving end.